Pond Barn, Meadow Barn and Grey Feather Barn all have an exclusive share in the ecology gardens surrounding the development. 

We have created a roosting station for brown long-eared bats to hang and feed. This is positioned away from potential disturbance and lighting. 


The Bat Conservation Trust has an interesting site with lots of information about brown long-eared bats.



Two bat boxes and two bird nesting boxes have been installed within the gardens to encourage plenty of nesting and feeding places.


Log piles have been dotted around the ecology gardens. These provide support for a wide range of wildlife. They attract small mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and birds will visit to prey on the insect residents.



We have a planted 373 native shrubs and trees in the tussocky grassland. They include Holly, Hawthorn, Common dogwood, Field maple and English oak.


24 additional trees have been planted in the gradens to create a natural buffer between residential gardens and farmland. These include, Silver Birch, Common Walnut, Crab Apple, Common Pear, Pin Oak and Cypress Oak.

Native hedgerows have been planted. They are a fantastic resource for wildlife and foragers. They are a source of food with berries and fruit for birds and small mammals, and supply shelter for invertebrates and birds. Hedges are handy corridors for wildlife, and offer safety for animals while they move about.

The fish pond is well stocked with mature fish including Common carp, Mirror carp, Ghost and Grass carp as well as a some Roach.

With a simple fishing rod, and always ensuring the safety and supervision of children and the welfare of the fish, try your hand at fishing in the well stocked pond. Children under the age of 13 do not need a fishing license, children 13-16 years need a licence but they are free, and an adult licence cost £30. Please check with the Government website to find more details and how to purchase a licence. There are fines for fishing without a licence.


We have added a duck house to the pond. We hope new residents will move in soon to Puddle Duck House.



A wild flower meadow will be planted with mown paths - this will create a a wonderful blend from gardens to farmland.


A 5 year LEMP (Landscape and Ecological Management Plan) is in place to maintain, and encourage wildlife to prosper in the ecology gardens. This is a part of the yearly maintenance charge for all residents.

To register your interest or for more information:  coursehorn@greyfeather.co.uk