D E S I G N - P o n d B a r n

Everything needs to be thought through and designed to ensure the whole property has a cohesive feel. This week I have turned my attention to the WC in Pond Barn. You may think the downstairs toilet is just a toilet. But it is a place guest will visit, the family will use when downstairs or in the garden. It needs to make a statement, set the tone for the house, and be memorable.

Pond Barn will have a colour palette of muted greens, and bright whites.

For the WC, I have sourced a wooden free standing table. A bright white counter top basin, with brass taps. A large round mirror and sage green wall lights will bring the scheme together.

The floor and facing wall will be tiled in tonal green and white tiles to make a real impact when walking in the room.

Artist's impression of Pond Barn

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