D E T A I L S coming together

Light switches : plastic, cheap with screw heads showing... Not in this development.

We have sourced a quality switch. Made from a matt white coated steel plate, concealed fittings, and a tactile rocker detail. This will add and ultra-slick and minimalist look to this development. A modern classic.

Door Handles

The door furniture I have chosen is by Corston. The bronze finish offers a perfect blend of richness and depth. A luxurious tone that works in both contemporary and traditional homes, the Bronze finish is applied by hand, giving each piece unique definition and character. After a long period of use, the natural brass colour will softly emerge on the areas touched most often, lending additional warmth and interest.

Little Touches

Front door key fobs for the new owners.

House name plates

House name plates.

Make the best first impression.

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